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Jamoma for PureData
Nightly builds

Some robots are building Jamoma each times a human developer make a modification in code.
Those binary packages are listed below : - 27th of April 2022
JamomaPd-2016-04-12-181212-OSX-fat_binary-736762a.tar.gz - 27th of April 2022
JamomaPd-2016-04-12-181212-Linux-x86_64-736762a.tar.gz - 27th of April 2022
JamomaPd-2016-04-12-181212-Linux-RaspberryPi-736762a.tar.gz - 27th of April 2022

How to support Jamoma?

Want to support Jamoma development or host a workshop? Feel free to contact the team for more information. If you are a programmer and want to join the Jamoma team contact us too.

Financial support is also appreciated as a pledgie donation:

Click here to lend your support to: Jamoma and make a donation at !

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