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Jamoma presentation at ICMC
Posted September 03, 2014 by Julien Rabin

Part of the Jamoma team will be in Athens for the 2014 joined Sound and Music Computing/International Computer Music Conference edition. Pascal Baltazar, Théo De La Hogue, Trond Lossius and Nathan Wolek will be presenting the paper “Model-view-controller separation in Max using Jamoma” on Wednesday, 17 september. They will also conduct a workshop on Monday, 15 September, from 9h to 9h50.

If you want to see in action what we’ve been dealing with for the last years or if you just want to meet the team, you are more than welcome to come and join the audience.

ICMC paper header

While we’re promoting Jamoma work, please note that some of them will also present some other works they’re involved into. Pascal Baltazar and Théo De La Hogue will conduct a workshop on the interactive intermedia sequencer i-score. Trond Lossius will also present the paper “The SpatDIF library – concepts and practical applications in audio software” written with Jan Schacher and Chikashi Miyama and the “ATK reaper: ambisonic toolkit as JSFX plugins” paper, written with Joseph Anderson.

If that does not sound enough, there will surely be a lot of other interesting stuff at this SMC/ICMC edition. See you there !

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